Mcdonalds Coffee Cup Lawsuit 2021

Mcdonalds Coffee Cup Lawsuit. A legal associate measured the serving temperature of. And long before stella was even hurt, the shriners burn institute had published warnings to the franchise food industry that people could get really serious burns.

mcdonalds coffee cup lawsuit
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Debridement and whirlpool treatments that cost tens of thousands of dollars and result in permanent witnesses for mcdonald’s admitted in court that consumers are unaware of the extent of the risk of serious burns from spilled coffee served at Her grandson parked the car to allow mrs.

Hot Coffee Is Justice Being Served A Documentary

Her lawsuit asked for $100,000 in compensatory damages (including for her pain and suffering) and triple punitive damages. In 1992, stella liebeck of albuquerque, new mexico, was in the passenger seat of her grandson’s car when she was severely burned by a cup of coffee purchased at a local mcdonalds’ drivethrough window.

Mcdonalds Coffee Cup Lawsuit

Liebeck brought suit against mcdonald’s in 1993 alleging that the coffee she purchased was defective becauseLiebeck placed the coffee cup between her knees and pulled.Liebeck spent six months attempting to convince mcdonald’s to pay $15,000 to $20,000 to cover her medical expenses.mcdonald’s responded with a letter offering $800.Liebeck to add cream and sugar to.

Life, and she said she never would have filed this lawsuit if mcdonald’s “hadn’t dismissed her request for compensation for pain and medical bills with an offer of $800.”29 ms.Mcdonald’s refused to pay liebeck more than $800.Mcdonald’s refused to raise its compensation offer above $800.Mcdonald’s appealed and eventually the case settled for an undisclosed amount.

Now, there was a warning printed on their coffee cup but mcdonald’s admitted in court that consumers were probably not aware that such serious injuries could be possible from coffee.Some called it a frivolous case.Stella liebeck’s legal team argued that mcdonald’s coffee was being held and sold at too high of a temperature.The case has become a pop culture touchstone, shorthand for frivolous, litigious lawsuits brought by “money hungry” consumers.

The infamous lawsuit is about an elderly woman who won $2.86million after spilling a cup of scalding hot mcdonald ’s coffee on herself.The jury ended up awarding ms.The jury then also awarded $2.7 million in punitive damages against mcdonald’s because they knew their coffee was dangerously hot and they served it like that anyway because it “tasted better.” the judge then reduced this award to $480,000.The jury’s $2.7 million award has long been a poster child for tort reform (the judge actually reduced her award to $480,000).

The mcdonald’s coffee lawsuit is probably the best, and most famous, example of a product defect case.The woman, a passenger in the vehicle, put the coffee between her legs and was attempting to remove the lid when the spill occurred.These punitive damages were sought in order to send a message to mcdonald’s that their coffee was dangerously hot.This case received a great deal of publicity and became a prime example for frivolous lawsuits which garnered large monetary damages.

This contained a punitive damage amount of $2.7 million which amounted to merely two days of coffee sales for mcdonalds.This was a case of a greedy claimant looking for a deep pocket.To avoid further litigation through numerous appeals, the parties later settled for an undisclosed amount.Unfortunately, the plaintiff in that case, stella liebeck, was vilified unnecessarily;

You may be familiar with — and even outraged by — the famous lawsuit against mcdonald’s by stella liebeck who was burned by hot coffee.‘normal’ hot coffee should not cause the k.“because they served coffee that was found to be negligently too hot for safe consumption.“how did mcdonalds lose the hot coffee lawsuit?” cliff gilley provides the following answer: