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Mcdonald’s Coffee Case Facts. A lady spilled hot coffee on her lap, goes to court, and is awarded $3 million. A woman spills mcdonald’s coffee, sues and gets $3 million.

mcdonald's coffee case facts
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According to liebeck’s attorney, s. All mcdonald’s restaurants served coffee between 180 and 190 degrees.

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And had no plans to turn down the heat.”25 mcdonald’s settled that case for $27,500.26 As mentioned previously, the mcdonald’s ms.

Mcdonald’s Coffee Case Facts

Deluca was erroneously given two cups of coffee instea
d of one, and when he was asked to show his receipt to confirm the purchase, he became enraged.
Did we get the infamous 1994 mcdonalds’s coffee case wrong?Everyone knows about the case:Everytime i question potential jury members before a trial, i always hear the same thing.

Her grandson was driving her car, which did not have cup holders.Here are the facts of this widely misreported and misunderstood case:However, it is important to understand some points that were not reported in most of the stories about the case.In 1992, stella liebeck of albuquerque, new mexico, was in the passenger seat of her grandson’s car when she was severely burned by a cup of coffee purchased at a local mcdonalds’ drivethrough window.

It portrays a lady who got rich from a dumb mistake.It takes a full minute of.Let’s set the facts straight about this case:Liebeck patronized served the coffee at roughly 185 degrees.

Mcdonald’s knew the coffee was too hot and that customers would consume it while driving.Mcdonald’s still hasn’t learned its lesson.Mcdonald’s was unfairly punished for serving hot coffee because everyone knows that hot coffee can cause burns.Mcdonald’s admitted in discovery that this temperature was the standard for the franchise.

Mcdonald’s coffee was too hot, even for industry standards, and mcdonald’s was aware of this fact.Morgan deposed christopher appleton, a mcdonald’s quality assurance manager, who testified that “he was aware of this risk.No one is in favor of frivolous cases of outlandish results;Other people have reported similar injuries after spilling mcdonald’s coffee.

People did not realize how seriously they could be burned.Plaintiff’s expert, a scholar in thermodynamics as applied to human skin burns, testified that liquids, at 180 degrees, will cause a full thickness burn to human skin in two to seven seconds.Reed morgan, mcdonald’s was serving their coffee at 180 to 190 degrees fahrenheit!She bought a cup of coffee, put it between her legs and drove off.

She offered to settle for $20,000, however, mcdonald’s refused to settle and offered a mere $800.She sued mcdonald’s and a jury awarded her nearly $3.She was a passenger in her grandson’s car.Stella liebeck, 79 years old, was sitting in the passenger seat of her grandson’s car having purchased a cup of mcdonald’s coffee.

The actual facts about the mcdonald’s coffee case there is a lot of hype about the mcdonalds’ scalding coffee case.The case presents stella liebeck as greedy.The facts surrounding the mcdonald’s coffee case often are grossly distorted by the media and special interest groups that are determined to deny the u.s.The jury also awarded liebeck $2.7 million in punitive damages, which equals about two days of mcdonalds’ coffee sales.

The jury awarded liebeck $200,000 in compensatory damages.The mcdonald’s hot coffee case didn’t change much.The now infamous case of a lawsuit against the mcdonald’s corporation for serving dangerously hot coffee generated an extraordinary amount of public outcry.The woman, a passenger in the vehicle, put the coffee between her legs and was attempting to remove the lid when the spill occurred.

This amount was reduced to $160,000 because the jury found liebeck 20 percent at fault in the spill.This case received a great deal of publicity and became a prime example for frivolous lawsuits which garnered large monetary damages.We have all heard it:While driving, the lid popped off and spilled coffee on her lap.